Delectable, sugar free caramels

Created by a dentist and a James Beard Award winner

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"These caramels will blow your mind!! Can't believe they're sugar free. They are now my favorite candies. You just have to try it for yourself. I'm going to try and make some desserts and other low carb sweets with them!"

— Brenda

Wow it is excellent. Thank you for such a great product. I still think they are awesome. Thank you for making them! As a type 2 diabetic it is great I can eat something so good and not have a problem with them.

— Bob

"I broke the Original Soft Caramel open first! OH MY!!! Soft, chewy deliciousness met my tongue! THEN I broke open the Chocolate Soft Caramel. All this flavor and gooey softness wrapped up in individual little packets of happiness? I will definitely be ordering again and again! I hope my son likes these as much as I do!"

— Rene

What a great tasting caramel.  Sugar free or not, I am ordering more now!

— Joseph

These were the most delicious caramels we have ever eaten! You won't believe they are sugar free at all! Creamy buttery yummy vanilla goodness with just the right texture and stretch. Extremely high quality ingredients are obvious. Highly recommend!

— Bella

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