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Our Story

As a dentist with a serious sweet tooth, Dr. Jenny was disappointed with the taste of sugar-free candies. In the search to find something delicious and healthy, she and her husband Tom began experimenting in their home kitchen.  Countless batches later, they created the perfect combination of natural ingredients and amazing flavors.

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Tom and Jenny smiling in modern dental clinic
Tom hand cutting rich brown, soft salted caramel

Crafted in partnership with a top 10 pastry chef.

Chef Michael Laiskonis, a recipient of the James Beard Foundation Outstanding Pastry Chef Award and twice named one of the "10 Best Pastry Chefs in America," helped perfect all of our recipes. 

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Tom discussing caramels on television with TV host

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Title: Get to know Tom & Jenny's caramels!

Hey, everyone.

I'm dr. Jenny

I'm a dentist, and I see thousands of patients right here in this clinic, and I just like them.

Love sweets.

They make me so happy.
And I wanted to look for something better for them, something that was sugarfree.

But everything we found was artificial.

Ingredients didn't taste right, so we created our own.

That's right.

So Tom and Jenny was born in our home kitchen, where we cooked 200 test batches to come up with
these decadent flavors.

And the secret we found was using real ingredients, like fresh milk that had never been powdered.

And we've got five indulgent flavors.

Here are classic chocolate, coffee, ginger, and spicer.

All soft caramels.

And best of all, each caramel is only two 5 grams of net carbs and 20 calories of food.

Now we have two little girls with lots of allergies, and we made this better.

That's right.

We're nuts free, gluten-free, soy free sugar-free.

And on top of that, they're keto friendly and no weird after taste from a sugar free yes.

And they're tooth friendly.

So we can't wait for you to try this at home, because life is better suited.