Introducing Keto Chocolate

Plus the creamy, sugar-free caramels you've always loved.



Without a doubt one of the best caramels I’ve ever eaten...and it’s sugar free and keto friendly! I prefer the straight caramel but have had the chocolate and it’s excellent also! Awesome product, worth every penny!

— Marilyn


I was so happy to see there was soft caramel that I could eat with low carbs. It is tasty and reminds me of full sugar caramels, but I feel better about eating them as a snack from time to time.

— Jas


"I broke the Original Soft Caramel open first! OH MY!!! Soft, chewy deliciousness met my tongue! THEN I broke open the Chocolate Soft Caramel. All this flavor and gooey softness wrapped up in individual little packets of happiness? I will definitely be ordering again and again! I hope my son likes these as much as I do!"

— Rene


These were very delicious! I was looking for something I could have on Keto that wouldn't throw me off. Unfortunately I couldn't stop eating these and had more servings than was suppose to but I'm glad it was on these which was healthier for me than a pound of chocolates.

— Becca


I absolutely love these caramels! They are amazing. I don't notice any weird aftertaste, and the flavor is rich . . . I've been attempting to lower my sugar intake and I refuse to use items with sucralose or other artificial sweeteners. My 6-year-old has tried these and liked them as well. I will definitely be trying more flavors.

— Melissa

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