How we created indulgent low-carb caramels

Our Story

How it began, jenny

How it began

Tom & Jenny met in college, founded a non-profit together, and got married years later. In her first years as a dentist, Dr. Jenny saw her patients struggle with sugar-free or low-carb candies and snacks that tasted awful, failed to satisfy cravings, and were packed with artificial ingredients. As someone with a serious sweet tooth herself, she could sympathize. 

Carefully crafted

So Jenny set out to create candy she could feel good about sharing, right from her own kitchen. With her husband Tom, she cooked countless test batches to create the perfect combination of flavors and ingredients that work for a keto-friendly, low-carb, low-sugar lifestyle!

Along the way they found their first mentor Chef Michael Laiskonis, a recipient of the James Beard Foundation Outstanding Pastry Chef award and twice named one of the "10 Best Pastry Chefs in America." Chef Laiskonis cooked dozens of batches of candy in his own kitchen to help perfect Tom & Jenny's mouth-watering recipes.

Today, Tom & Jenny have graduated from the home kitchen to a large scale manufacturing facility. They are enjoying growing their family business along with their two small daughters, in Durham, NC.

Carefully crafted, TOM

Values we live by

  • We believe good health is the root of happiness.
  • We don't accept the status quo - we aspire to create the most mouth-watering bites for people on sugar or carb-restricted diets.
  • We are passionate about helping people enjoy life, no matter their limitations
  • We live with integrity by sourcing the finest ingredients, treating every customer and partner with respect.

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