How many carmels are in one bag?

There are a minimum of 13 caramels in each bag!


Is this product available in stores

They are currently only available in select independent retailers around the Southeast. Check the “Stockists” page to find out where. If you have a favorite store where you want our caramels carried, please remember to ask the store management to carry our products! :)


Is there caffeine in the coffee flavor candy?

Each piece contains a small amount of ground coffee beans and coffee paste. Since these ingredients are made from real coffee beans, they do contain caffeine. Each piece of the coffee caramel contains approximately 1.2 mg of caffeine. Compare this to anywhere from 80-200 mg of caffeine in an 8 ounce cup of coffee.


Do these have corn starch?

No corn starch is used in our ingredients!


How exactly is this keto friendly?

If you're on keto and searching for sweets, it's because you have a sweet tooth and you would rather avoid eating a candy bar or a cookie or a piece of cake. You need a once-in-a-while small treat to get you through with as few carbs as possible. In short you're looking for a happy medium for the rare indulgence. That's what we're here to give you.


Let's do the math. A serving is five pieces (relatively large caramels - bigger than the average tootsie roll). One serving has 12 net carbs, based on the standard dietitian's estimate that sugar alcohol is absorbed at a rate 50% less than regular sugar. That's 2.5g net carbs per piece! As long as you're good with portion control, you will do just fine eating 2-3 of these a day. By the way, even if you count every sugar alcohol as a full carb, 25g/5 pieces = only 5g carbs a piece. This is still markedly better than your alternatives for a sweet tooth.


You may be interested to know why we use maltitol. Is it the best alternative sweetener for keto macros? Certainly not (but then again, without it goodbye to the smooth, soft texture caramel lovers crave). Is it better than sugar or corn syrup? Absolutely!

We hope you find a sweet treat for you and keep on smiling!! :)


Why doesn't the package say "gluten free"?

We have not yet taken the step of getting a gluten free certification by a third party certifier. So we chose not to put that on the package until that certification is complete. However, all ingredients in our candies are gluten free. Enjoy and stay safe and happy during this difficult time!